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English Literature

Woolf: Mrs Dalloway: Narrative Technique and Marriage

In this course, Dr Sowon Park (Oxford University) explores two key themes in Virginia Woolf's Mrs Dalloway. In the first module, we look at the narrative style of the novel - arguing that the narrative style in Mrs Dalloway represents...

2 lectures


Dr Sowon Park

Oxford University

English Literature

Bronte: Wuthering Heights

In this course we look at several aspects of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. In the first six sections, we focus on Romanticism and what it means to call Heathcliff a Romantic hero. In second six sections, we focus on individual...

13 lectures


Dr Alfie Bown

Royal Holloway, London


Germany – The Weimar Republic, 1918-33

In this course, Professor Benjamin Ziemann explores the Weimar Republic, the system of government that replaced the German Empire in 1919. In the first module, we think about the beginning of the Weimar Republic, before moving on to consider...

6 lectures


Prof. Benjamin Ziemann

Sheffield University

English Literature

Shakespeare: Hamlet

In this course, Dr John Lennard explores Shakespeare's Hamlet. In the first module, we explore the idea of Hamlet as a revenge tragedy, and think about how Shakespeare has complicated the basic structure. In the second module, we consider the...

5 lectures


Prof. John Lennard

Independent Scholar

English Literature

Shakespeare: Antony and Cleopatra

In this course, we explore several aspects of Antony and Cleopatra. We begin by thinking about why Shakespeare was interested in writing plays that were set in Ancient Rome, before looking at a number of aspects of the play and...

5 lectures


Prof. John Lennard

Independent Scholar

English Literature

Shakespeare: The Winter's Tale

In this course, we explore several aspects of one of Shakespeare’s later plays, The Winter’s Tale. In particular, we consider the political and theatrical context for the play, the importance of allegory and symbolism, the play’s peculiar...

7 lectures


Dr Charles Moseley

Cambridge University

Classics & Ancient History

Cicero: De Imperio

This course explores several aspects of Cicero’s speech De Imperio Cn Pompeii, which was delivered in the Roman Forum in 66 BC. In particular, we think about the speech both as a performance in the Forum and as a written...

4 lectures


Dr Alison Rosenblitt

Oxford University

English Literature

The Poetry of Thomas Hardy

In this course, we explore the poetry of Thomas Hardy. Having introduced Hardy in the first module, we then go through eighteen of his poems in turn, reading each aloud, and providing in-depth, line-by-line commentary and analysis. The final...

18 lectures


Prof. John McRae

Nottingham University

Classics & Ancient History

Aristophanes: Clouds

In this course, we explore Aristophanes’ Clouds, thinking in particular about where the play sits in Aristophanes’ life and career, its distinctive structure and themes, the presentation of Socrates in the play, and what it is that makes the play...

8 lectures


Dr James Robson

Open University

English Literature

Dickens: Hard Times

In this course, Professor John Bowen (University of York) explores the concepts of philosophy and performance in Charles Dickens’ Hard Times. In particular, we consider the presentation of reason and rationality in the novel (as represented by Mr...

5 lectures


Prof. John Bowen

York University

Classics & Ancient History

Aristophanes: Frogs

This course provides close reading and analysis of Aristophanes’ Frogs, focusing on the prescribed material for the OCR A-Level in Classical Greek. All passages are presented in the original Greek with a facing English translation, while...

7 lectures


Dr Rosie Wyles

Kent University

Classics & Ancient History

Greek Theatre: Music and Song

In this course, Dr Armand D’Angour (University of Oxford) explores the use of music in ancient tragedy, thinking in particular about the kinds of musical instruments that were used, the metre, rhythm, and melodies of tragic poetry. The course ends...

5 lectures


Dr Armand D'Angour

Oxford University

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