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Environmental Psychology – Territorial Behaviours

This course, by Dr Jérémy Lemoine (University of East London) explores concepts of territorial behaviours and personalisation in the workplace. In the first module, we think about what personalisation and territorial behaviours are, as well as...

5 lectures


Dr Jérémy Lemoine

University of East London

Government & Politics


In this course, Dr William Ackah (Birkbeck, University of London) explores Pan-Africanism across four key themes. In the first module, we consider how we might define Pan-Africanism, outlining its different manifestations, historical development,...

6 lectures


Dr William Ackah

Birkbeck College, London

Government & Politics

US Politics – Federalism

In this course, Professor John Kincaid (Lafayette College) explores the theory and practice of federalism in the United States. In the first module, we lay the groundwork for later modules by establishing just what we mean when we refer to...

6 lectures


Professor John Kincaid

Lafayette College


Relationships – The Relationship Trajectory

This course, by Dr Veronica Lamarche (University of Essex) explores relationships, focusing on partner selection, attraction, romantic theories, and Duck’s relationship breakdown model. In the first module, we think about partner selection and its...

5 lectures


Dr Veronica Lamarche

Essex University

Government & Politics

Political Philosophy – Marcus Garvey

In this course, Professor Kehinde Andrews (Birmingham City University) explores the ideas and politics of Marcus Garvey and the movement of Garveyism. In the first module, we explore Garveyism, Britain, and the concept of the nation-state,...

5 lectures


Professor Kehinde Andrews

Birmingham City University


Gender – Gender Development

This course, by Dr Christine McKnight (Cardiff Metropolitan University), explores gender development and dysphoria. In the first module, we think about sex, gender, and androgyny, as well as gender stereotypes. In the second module, we think about...

5 lectures


Dr Christine McKnight

Cardiff Met University


Child Psychology – Genes, the Environment and Mental Health

This course, by Professor Yulia Kovas (Goldsmiths, University of London), explores the interactions between genes, mental health, and development. In the first module, we think about what genes are from biological and conceptual perspectives. In...

5 lectures


Professor Yulia Kovas

Goldsmiths, University of London

Philosophy & Religious Studies


In this course, Dr Arif Ahmed (University of Cambridge) explores the empirical verification principle. In the first module, we introduce the philosophical context in which verificationism arose. In the second module, we review the impact of...

5 lectures


Dr Arif Ahmed

Cambridge University


Psychopathology – Models of Mental Health

This course, by Professor Nick Maguire (University of Southampton), explores models of mental health. In the first module, we think about the medical model of mental health and some supporting research. In the second model, we think about the...

5 lectures


Professor Nick Maguire

Southampton University

Philosophy & Religious Studies

God, Eternity and Free Will – 21st-Century Perspectives

In this course, Dr Nikk Effingham (University of Birmingham) explores 21st century perspectives on God, eternity, and free will from Alvin Plantinga and Richard Swinburne. In the first module, we look broadly at Alvin Plantinga’s philosophy of...

6 lectures


Dr Nikk Effingham

Birmingham University


Mental Health – The Third Wave

This course, by Dr Helen Bolderston (Bournemouth University) explores the three waves of cognitive and behavioural psychotherapy. In the first module, we think about the origins of cognitive therapy and behaviourist theory. In the second module,...

5 lectures


Dr Helen Bolderston

Bournemouth University

Philosophy & Religious Studies

Divine Action

In this course, Dr Sarah Lane Ritchie (University of Edinburgh) explores knowledge of God and divine action. In the first module, we critically examine traditional sources of knowledge of God in light of modern science and sociology. In the...

6 lectures


Dr Sarah Lane Ritchie

Edinburgh University

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