From social influence to memory, attachment to psychopathology, and everything in between.


The History of Psychology

In this course, Mr Ian Fairholm (University of Bath) walks through the history of psychology and its evolution from philosophical beginnings to modern science. The first lecture describes the evolution of psychology as a philosophical entity, as...

5 lectures


Mr Ian Fairholm

University of Bath


The Nature-Nurture Debate

In this course, Dr Lydia Kearney (University of Kent) explores the nature ‘versus’ nurture debate in psychology. The first lecture prefaces the course by proposing the removal of ‘versus’, predicated on the origin of any human behaviour being too...

5 lectures


Dr Lydia Kearney

Kent University


Issues and Debates – The Replication Crisis

In this course, Dr Ayoub Bouguettaya (University of Birmingham) explores a key shortcoming in the field of psychological science – replication. The course starts by introducing the concept of replication and defining science in terms of three key...

6 lectures


Dr Ayoub Bouguettaya

Birmingham University


Research Methods – Building an Experiment

In this course, Dr Eoin O’Sullivan introduces a range of topics related to the research process in psychology. The first lecture tackles what is commonly the first step in building an experiment – establishing aims and hypotheses. The second...

5 lectures


Dr Eoin O'Sullivan

University of St Andrews


Issues and Debates – Psychology as a Science

In this course, Dr Helena Paterson (University of Glasgow) walks through the method and construction of psychological research, looking to understand psychology as a science. The first lecture focuses on hypotheses as an initial step in developing...

6 lectures


Dr Helena Paterson

University of Glasgow