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In this course, Professor Douglas Halliday (Durham University) explores energy. In the first mini-lecture, we discuss the big picture of energy, looking at types of energy, key principles, and units. In the second mini-lecture, we consider changes...

5 lectures


Prof. Douglas Halliday

Durham University


Properties of Matter

In this course, Dr Janet Lovett (University of St Andrews) explores properties of matter. Throughout this course, we present 14 demonstrations. In the first mini-lecture, we discuss atomic structure and look specifically at what makes up the...

6 lectures


Dr Janet Lovett

University of St Andrews


The Physics of Climate Change

In this course, Professor Joanna Haigh (Imperial College London) discusses the physics behind climate change. In the first mini-lecture, we explore the Earth’s energy balance, the physical processes in the Earth’s atmosphere that have contributed...

6 lectures


Prof. Joanna Haigh

Imperial College London

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