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Psychological Approaches – The Humanistic Approach

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About this Course

About the Course

In this course, Dr Cathal O’Siochru (Liverpool Hope University) explores the humanistic approach to psychology. In the first lecture, we think about the origin of humanistic psychology, as a response to behaviourism and psychoanalysis. In the second lecture, we think about the theories of Abraham Maslow and his hierarchy of needs. In the third lecture, we think about how self-actualisation acts as a goal for people to strive towards. Next, we think about Rogerian theories, of Carl Rogers, including his idea of unconditional positive regard. In the fifth and final lecture, we think about the client- or student-centred approach to therapy and teaching respectively.

Trigger warning // School shootings (module 2).

About the Lecturer

Dr Cathal O’Siochru is a senior lecturer in education studies at Liverpool Hope University and has a background in psychology, research methods and education. Dr O’Siochru’s research interests include the psychology of education, epistemological and pedagogical beliefs, and assessment practices. Some of Dr O’Siochru’s recent publications include 'Action learning: how can it contribute to a collaborative process of pedagogical action research?' (2020) and 'Academic perspectives of metrics: Procedural justice as a key factor in evaluations of fairness' (2019).