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Medicine Through Time – Medieval Medicine, c. 500-1500

In this course, Professor Miri Rubin (Queen Mary University) examines the medicine of medieval Europe. We start by looking at what medical knowledge was available during the middle ages. We then look at where this knowledge came from and who had...

5 lectures


Prof. Miri Rubin


Philosophy & Religious Studies

William James - The Varieties of Religious Experience

In this course Jeremy Carrette (University of Kent) explores William James and religious experience. In the first module we introduce William James, and his classic 1902 text ‘The Varieties of Religious Experience’. After that, we explore some of...

6 lectures


Prof. Jeremy Carrette

Kent University

Philosophy & Religious Studies

Religious Language – Negative, Analogical and Symbolic

In this course, Professor Simon Oliver (University of Durham) explores negative, positive, analogical and symbolic religious language. In the first module, we consider the problem of talking about an infinite God as finite creatures. In the...

6 lectures


Professor Simon Oliver

Durham University

Government & Politics

UK Politics – Alan Johnson on Parliament

This course takes the form of a series of questions put to former Labour MP and Cabinet member, Alan Johnson. In the first module we ask, “What is the relationship between the Prime Minister and Cabinet?”. We follow this in the second module with...

9 lectures


Mr Alan Johnson

UK Parliament


The Family: Marxist and Feminist Theories

In this course, Professor Michèle Barrett (Queen Mary University of London) explores Marxist and Feminist approaches to the family. In the first lecture, we caution against seeing different sociological approaches, particularly Functionalism,...

5 lectures


Prof. Michèle Barrett


Philosophy & Religious Studies

Medieval Philosophy

In this course, Professor John Marenbon (University of Cambridge) explores Medieval Philosophy through seven key thinkers. In the first module, we explore the philosophy of Avicenna, thinking in particular about his proof of existence of God and...

7 lectures


Prof. John Marenbon

Cambridge University

Government & Politics

UK Politics – Think Tanks

This course explores the role of think tanks in UK Politics and is oriented around the UK Politics section of the Government and Politics A-Level specifications. We begin in the first lecture with a brief overview of what think tanks are, noting...

6 lectures


Professor Norin Arshed

Dundee University


The Tudors – Elizabeth I and France, 1558-88

In this course, Dr Estelle Paranque (New College of the Humanities) explores the reign of Elizabeth I through the eyes of the French monarchy. In the first module, we think about the French perception of Elizabeth at the very beginning of her...

6 lectures


Dr Estelle Paranque

New College of the Humanities


Searching for Supersymmetry

In this course, Professor Tina Potter (University of Cambridge) explores the big questions that experimental particle physicists and high energy physicists are working towards answering, especially those related to finding supersymmetric Dark...

5 lectures


Prof. Tina Potter

Cambridge University


Medicine Through Time – William Harvey and Circulation, 1570-1660

In this course, Professor Andrew Gregory (UCL) explores the life of William Harvey and his discovery of the circulation of the blood. We will look at why Harvey's discovery is so important and why it was such a difficult discovery to make given...

6 lectures


Prof. Andrew Gregory


English Language

Discourse Analysis

In this course, Professor Veronika Koller (Lancaster University) provides an introduction to discourse analysis. In the first module, we introduce the concept of discourse, before turning in the second module to think about the concept of critical...

6 lectures


Prof. Veronika Koller

Lancaster University

Philosophy & Religious Studies

The Philosophy of Equality

At least since the French Revolution, equality has served as one of the leading ideals of the body politic, and today remains one of the key tenets in modern Western democracies. But is equality always a good thing? Is it...

5 lectures


Dr Nikolas Kirby

Oxford University


Medicine Through Time – Arabic Medicine, c. 800-1200

In this course, Professor Peter Pormann (University of Manchester) explores how medicine was practiced in the Medieval Arabic world. In the first module, we look at the Baghdad translation movement of the 9th century. We then turn to consider how...

6 lectures


Prof. Peter Pormann

Manchester University


Objectivity in Social Research

In this course, Professor Martyn Hammersley (The Open University) explores the concept of objectivity within sociology and social research. In the first lecture, we think about the development of the concept from the early twentieth century and...

7 lectures


Prof. Martyn Hammersley

Open University

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