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Medicine Through Time – Surgery in the 19th Century, 1800-1900

In this course, Dr Sally Frampton (University of Oxford) explores how surgery developed in the 19th-century. In the first three modules, we look at how surgeons in the 19th-century sought to tackle the three issues of pain, bleeding, and...

5 lectures


Dr Sally Frampton

University of Oxford



In this course Prof. Sabine Flitsch introduce biomolecules. What do we mean when we say ‘biomolecule’, and what kinds of biomolecules exist? Modern research spans biomolecules of all sorts, and we introduce: (i) the classes of biomolecules that...

4 lectures


Prof. Sabine Flitsch

Manchester University

Philosophy & Religious Studies

The Limits of Knowledge (Scepticism)

In this course, Dr Ema Sullivan-Bissett (University of Birmingham) explores the limits of knowledge (scepticism). In the first module, we contrast normal incredulity to philosophical scepticism, and examine various ways to remove grounds for...

7 lectures


Dr Ema Sullivan-Bissett

Birmingham University



In this course, Professor Linda Woodhead (Lancaster University) explores secularisation theory and evidence around the decline of religion in modern society. In the first lecture, we consider three classical theories of secularisation provided by...

5 lectures


Prof. Linda Woodhead

Lancaster University


The French Wars of Religion, 1562-98

In this course, Professor Mark Greengrass (University of Sheffield) explores the French Wars of Religion. In the first module, we consider whether the Wars of Religion are a period or a problem, thinking in particular about the key characteristics...

6 lectures


Prof. Mark Greengrass

Sheffield University


Germany - Before the War, 1871-1918

In this course, Professor Matthew Jefferies (University of Manchester) looks at Germany during the period before the First World War. In the first module, we explore what Germany was like in 1914, particularly how the country was geographically...

5 lectures


Prof. Matthew Jefferies

Manchester University


Marxism and Religion

In this course, Dr Paul-François Tremlett (The Open University) explores Marxist approaches to religion. In the first lecture, we provide a broad introduction to Marx himself. In the second lecture, we explore what Marx said about religion. In the...

5 lectures


Dr Paul-François Tremlett

Open University

English Literature

Ford: 'Tis Pity She’s a Whore

In this course, Professor John Lennard explores John Ford’s 17th-century tragedy, ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore. The course begins by thinking about john Ford himself, about whom we know very little, and his literary output, before moving on to explore...

5 lectures


Prof. John Lennard

Independent Scholar

Classics & Ancient History

Cicero: Pro Caelio

In this course Dr Andrew Sillett (University of Oxford) explores Cicero’s Pro Caelio, his speech delivered in April 56 BC in defence of Marcus Caelius Rufus. In the first lecture, we think about how Roman criminal trials work. In the second...

5 lectures


Dr Andrew Sillett

University of Oxford

Philosophy & Religious Studies

Gender and Society

In this course, Dr Nicole Graham (University of Kent) explores the relationship between gender and society in religious thought. In the first module, we consider the relationship between religion, gender and society with special attention to the...

6 lectures


Dr Nicole Graham

Kent University


Memory – Working Memory

In this course, Dr Ashok Jansari (Goldsmiths, University of London) explores the working memory model. In the first lecture, we think about the history of the model and its origin as a development on from the multi-store (or modal) model of...

5 lectures


Dr Ashok Jansari

Goldsmiths, University of London

Philosophy & Religious Studies

Kant's Critiques

In this course Dr Sacha Golob (King’s College London) explores Kant’s profound influence on western philosophy through his three Critiques. In the first module, we introduce Kant’s philosophical worldview and the nature of Critique. In the second...

6 lectures


Dr Sacha Golob

King's College London

Philosophy & Religious Studies

Boethius on God, Eternity, and Free Will

In this course Professor John Marenbon (University of Cambridge) examines Boethius and the problem of prescience, and how Boethius’ response to this problem shapes our understanding of divine eternity and human free will. In the first module, we...

6 lectures


Prof. John Marenbon

University of Cambridge


Semiconductors in the Information Age

In this course Professor Oleg Makarovskiy (University of Nottingham) explores semiconductors and their relevance in the current Information Age. In the first mini-lecture, we introduce the ages of human advancement, from the Stone Age up until the...

6 lectures


Prof. Oleg Makarovskiy

Nottingham University

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