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The Sociology of Multiculturalism

In this course, Professor Tariq Modood (University of Bristol) explores sociological approaches to multiculturalism and integration. In the first lecture, we think about traditional understandings of integration as being grounded in cultural,...

4 lectures


Prof. Tariq Modood

Bristol University

Government & Politics

Global Politics – Global Governance

In this course, Professor Natasha Lindstaedt (University of Essex) explores some key areas of global governance. In the first module, we are introduced to the key concepts of Realism and Liberalism, detailing their different attitudes towards...

5 lectures


Professor Natasha Lindstaedt

Essex University

Classics & Ancient History

Euripides: Electra

In this course, Professor Judith Mossman (University of Nottingham) explores Euripides’ Electra, a play which depicts a brother and sister avenging their father’s death by killing their own mother. As we move through the course, we think about a...

6 lectures


Prof. Judith Mossman

Nottingham University

English Literature

Marlowe: The Jew of Malta

In this course, Professor Lisa Hopkins (University of Sheffield Hallam) explores Christopher Marlowe's The Jew of Malta. In the first module, we consider the character of Machiaval/Machiavelli and the presentation of morality in the play, before...

6 lectures


Prof. Lisa Hopkins

Sheffield Hallam University

English Language


In this course, Dr Marcello Giovanelli (Aston University) explores several aspects of narrative. In the first module, we think about what narrative actually is. In the two modules after that, we think about written narratives, focusing first on...

6 lectures


Dr Marcello Giovanelli

Aston University

Philosophy & Religious Studies

The Teleological Argument

In this course, Professor John Cottingham (University of Reading) explores the teleological argument. In the first module, we introduce Aquinas’ teleological argument from regularity in the universe. In the second module, we examine various...

7 lectures


Prof. John Cottingham

Reading University


Sports Psychology – Models and Theories

In this course, Dr Dan Bishop (Brunel University London) explores a range of topics in sports and exercise psychology. In the first lecture, we think how anxiety impacts sport performance. In the second lecture, we think about the relationship...

5 lectures


Dr Dan Bishop

Brunel University London


The Stephen Lawrence Case

In this course, Dr Anthony Gunter (The Open University) discusses the murder of teenager Stephen Lawrence in a racist attack in London on 22 April 1993, and why the case is considered a watershed moment in the history of race relations in Britain....

4 lectures


Dr Anthony Gunter

Open University

Government & Politics

Political Ideas – Ayn Rand

In this course, Dr Neil Cocks (University of Reading) explores the life, works, and core ideas of Ayn Rand. In the first module, we are introduced to the controversial figure of Ayn Rand and consider her influence on contemporary political life....

6 lectures


Dr Neil Cocks

Reading University


Gender and the Domestic Division of Labour

In this course, Dr Vicki Harman (University of Surrey) explores gender and the domestic division of labour. In the first lecture, we think about classical sociology, particularly functionalism, in which domestic labour was both undervalued and...

5 lectures


Dr Vicki Harman

Surrey University


Medicine Through Time – The British Sector of the Western Front, 1914-18

In this course, Dr Jessica Meyer (University of Leeds) takes us on a journey through the chain of medical evacuation during World War I. We start by looking at how soldiers were cared for day-to-day in the trenches. We then look at first response...

6 lectures


Dr Jessica Meyer

Leeds University


Social Influence – Minority Influence

In this course, Professor Gordon Sammut (London School of Economics) explores minority influence. In the first lecture, we think about contrasting the influence of a minority to that of a lone individual. In the second lecture, we think about the...

5 lectures


Professor Gordon Sammut

London School of Economics

Philosophy & Religious Studies

Spinoza: Ethics

In this course, Professor Susan James (Birkbeck, University of London) discusses Spinoza's Ethics, widely considered to be his magnum opus. In the first module, we think about Spinoza's ontological framework, including his remarkable claim that...

5 lectures


Prof. Susan James

Birkbeck College, London

Classics & Ancient History

Apuleius: Cupid and Psyche

In this course, Professor Costas Panayotakis (Glasgow University) explores the story of Cupid and Psyche in Apuleius' Metamorphoses. In the first module, we provide a brief introduction to Apuleius and his Metamorphoses, before turning in the...

8 lectures


Prof. Costas Panayotakis

Glasgow University

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