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Charlemagne and the Carolingian Empire, 768-814

In the course, Professor Rosamond McKitterick (University of Cambridge) explores the rule of Charlemagne and the Carolingian Empire. The course begins by considering the sources available for historians of the period—including Charlemagne’s...

5 lectures


Prof. Rosamond McKitterick

Cambridge University


The Nature-Nurture Debate

In this course, Dr Lydia Kearney (University of Kent) explores the nature ‘versus’ nurture debate in psychology. In the first lecture, we preface the course by proposing the removal of ‘versus’, predicated on the origin of any human behaviour...

5 lectures


Dr Lydia Kearney

Kent University

Government & Politics


In this course, Professor Tariq Modood (University of Bristol) explores the idea of multiculturalism. In the first module, we think about what constitutes ‘difference’ between distinct groups in a multicultural society. In the second module, we...

3 lectures


Prof. Tariq Modood

Bristol University

English Language

Political Language

In this course, Professor Jonathan Charteris-Black (UWE Bristol) explores political language. In the first module, we explore the various definitions of political language, before turning in the second module to think about the different levels at...

5 lectures


Prof. Jonathan Charteris-Black

UWE Bristol


Women, Gender and Religion

In this course, Professor Linda Woodhead (Lancaster University) explores religion through the lens of feminism/gender studies. In the first lecture, we explore some classic feminist critiques of Christianity, including the work of Elizabeth Cady...

7 lectures


Prof. Linda Woodhead

Lancaster University


Social Influence – The Social Cure

In this course, Dr Mhairi Bowe (Nottingham Trent University) explores the social identity approach to health, also known as the ‘social cure’. In the first lecture, we think about the social identity approach in psychology more generally and how...

6 lectures


Dr Mhairi Bowe

Nottingham Trent University


The Church and Medieval Heresy c. 1100-1437

In this course, Professor John Arnold (University of Cambridge) explores heresy and the church in Medieval Europe. In the first module, we think about the growth of heretical movements up to the beginning of the Albigensian Crusade. In the two...

6 lectures


Prof. John Arnold

Cambridge University


Philosophy & Religious Studies

The Scottish Enlightenment

In this course, Dr Anna Plassart (Open University) explores the Scottish Enlightenment. In the first module, we think about the Enlightenment as a whole—why it happened when it did, its principle goals and central doctrines—before moving on in the...

6 lectures


Dr Anna Plassart

Open University

English Language

Phonetics and Phonology

In this course, Professor Jane Setter (University of Reading) provides an introduction to phonetics and phonology. In the first module, we look at the speech chain and think about how people actually understand speech. In the two modules after...

8 lectures


Prof. Jane Setter

Reading University


The Presidency of Ronald Reagan, 1981-89

In this course, Professor Iwan Morgan (University College, London) explores the presidency of Ronald Reagan (1981-89). In the first module, we think about Reagan's handling of the economy, focusing in particular on the shift away from the economic...

5 lectures


Prof. Iwan Morgan


English Literature

Dickens: David Copperfield

In this course, Dr Alfie Bown (University of Manchester) explores Dickens’ 1849-50 novel David Copperfield. After a brief introduction that sets the novel in its historical context, we turn to some of the major themes of the novel, including how...

6 lectures


Dr Alfie Bown

Royal Holloway, London

Classics & Ancient History

Virgil: Aeneid: Book 2

In this course Professor Llewelyn Morgan (University of Oxford) explores Book 2 of Virgil’s Aeneid. In the first lecture, we think about the Aeneid as an epic poem. In the second, we explore some of the connections between Troy and Rome, before...

5 lectures


Prof. Llewelyn Morgan

Oxford University

Government & Politics

The Liberal Party and the Liberal Democrats, 1859-Present

In this course, Dr Matthew Cole (University of Birmingham) explores the history of the Liberal Party – and the later Liberal Democrat Party – from its foundation in 1859 until 2017. We begin by thinking liberalism as a political ideology, from the...

4 lectures


Dr Matthew Cole

Birmingham University

English Literature

Shakespeare: Troilus and Cressida

In this course, Professor Cedric Watts (University of Sussex) explores Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida. We begin by thinking about the strangeness of the play: is it a history, a comedy, or a tragedy? was it performed in Shakespeare's lifetime?...

5 lectures


Prof. Cedric Watts

Sussex University

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