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Government & Politics

Civil Liberties and Human Rights

In this course, Dr Matthew Williams (University of Oxford) explores the development of civil liberties and human rights protection in the UK through the question ‘Civil liberties and human rights have been eroded in recent years. Discuss.’ In the...

6 lectures


Dr Matthew Williams

University of Oxford

Government & Politics

The Party System in the United Kingdom

In this course, Professor Paul Webb (University of Sussex) explores the operation and dynamics of the party system – or should that be party systems? – in British politics. In the first module, we introduce the idea of a party system, exploring...

6 lectures


Prof. Paul Webb

Sussex University

Government & Politics

The Supreme Court of the United States – Key Issues and Landmark Cases

In this course, Dr Emma Long (University of East Anglia) explores how the Supreme Court of the United States works by looking at some of its landmark cases over the past 50-60 years – especially those relating to civil rights (broadly defined). In...

5 lectures


Dr Emma Long

University of East Anglia

Government & Politics

The UK and the European Union

In this lecture, Dr Simon Usherwood (University of Surrey) thinks about the European Union and its relationship with the United Kingdom, focusing in particular on Brexit. We begin in the first module by thinking about how the EU came into ...

4 lectures


Dr Simon Usherwood

Surrey University

Government & Politics

The Labour Party, 1945-Present

In this course, Professor John Callaghan (University of Salford) explores the history of the Labour Party from 1945 to the present day. In the first module, we think about the Labour government under Clement Attlee between 1945-51. In the second,...

6 lectures


Prof. John Callaghan

Salford University

Government & Politics

The Conservative Party, 1886-2019

In this course, Dr Richard Hayton (University of Leeds) explores the history of the Conservative Party in ‘the long Conservative century’, 1886-2019. In the first module, we think about the electoral success of the Conservative Party since the...

5 lectures


Dr Richard Hayton

Leeds University


Government & Politics

British History: Six Key Elections, 1906-51

In this course, Professor Adrian Smith (University of Southampton) thinks about British history in the first half of the twentieth century through six key elections—1906, 1923, 1931, 1945, 1950 and 1951. As we look at each election, we explore the...

6 lectures


Prof. Adrian Smith

Southampton University

Government & Politics

Pressure Groups and Lobbying

In this course, Professor Wyn Grant (University of Warwick) explores the importance of pressure groups and lobbying in the UK political system. In the first module, we think about the history of pressure groups and how they have changed over time,...

5 lectures


Prof. Wyn Grant

Warwick University

Government & Politics


In this course, Professor Ray Kiely (Queen Mary, University of London) explores the concept of globalisation. In the first module, we think about what ‘globalisation’ actually means, before introducing three different perspectives on globalisation...

6 lectures


Prof. Ray Kiely


Government & Politics


In this course, Professor Nicola McEwen examines devolution in the United Kingdom. In the first lecture, we outline what devolution is, how it differs from federalism, and the key terminology involved in understanding devolution. In the second...

6 lectures


Professor Nicola McEwen

Edinburgh University

Government & Politics

Politics in Northern Ireland, 1921-Present

In this course, Dr Catherine McGlynn (University of Huddersfield) explores the politics of Northern Ireland, from the opening of the first Northern Irish Parliament in 1921 to the present day. We begin in the first module by tracing the history of...

4 lectures


Dr Catherine McGlynn

Huddersfield University

Government & Politics

The Separation of Powers

In this course, Andrew Wroe (University of Kent) explores the theory and practice of the separation of powers in the United States. In the first module, we are introduced to our key concepts and begin to complicate the notion of separated powers...

5 lectures


Dr Andrew Wroe

Kent University

Government & Politics


In this course, Professor Jeremy Jennings (King’s College, London) explores the history of conservatism as a political philosophy, from its beginnings in the 18th century to election of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister in December 2019. In the two...

6 lectures


Prof. Jeremy Jennings

King's College London

Government & Politics

The Labour Party, 1900-Present

In this course, Dr Kevin Hickson (University of Liverpool) examines the history of the Labour Party from its founding as the Labour Representation Committee in 1900 to the present-day leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. In the first module, we think...

5 lectures


Dr Kevin Hickson

Liverpool University

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