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About this Course

About the Course

In this course, Professor Tariq Modood (University of Bristol) explores the idea of multiculturalism. In the first module, we think about what constitutes ‘difference’ between distinct groups in a multicultural society. In the second module, we think about the different meanings of ‘equality’ that are relevant in a multicultural society – equality as equal rights and the idea of equality as respect for difference. And in the third module, we think about the relationship between multiculturalism, citizenship and national identity, and in particular the compatibility between a multicultural society and a strong national identity.

About the Lecturer

Tariq Modood is Professor of Sociology, Politics and Public Policy at the University of Bristol. Over the last twenty-five years, he has worked on the theory and politics of racism, racial equality, and multiculturalism and secularism, with special reference to British Asian Muslims. Some of his more recent publications include Multiculturalism: A Civic Idea (2007) and (co-authored with G. Levey) Secularism, Religion and Multicultural Citizenship.

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