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English Language

Language in the Media

In this course, Dr Sylvia Jaworska (University of Reading) provides an introduction to analysing media texts. In the first lecture, we think about what we mean when we talk about ‘media’, including the idea that a ‘medium’ is something that we use...

5 lectures


Dr Sylvia Jaworksa

Reading University

English Language

Linguistic Relativity

In this course, Dr Minna Kirjavainen (University of the West of England) explores the concept of linguistic relativity - the idea that the language one speaks influences the way one thinks about reality. We begin with an introduction to linguistic...

6 lectures


Dr Minna Kirjavainen

University of the West of England

English Language

Corpus Linguistics

In this course Dr Robbie Love provides an introduction to corpus linguistics. In the first lecture, we think about some of the key principles of corpus linguistics, including the concepts of sampling and representativeness, and the means by which...

5 lectures


Dr Robbie Love

Aston University

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