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World War I: The Military Strategies of the Great Powers, 1914-18

In this course, Dr Rob Johnson (University of Oxford) looks at the First World War from the point of view of the military strategies of each side. The course begins by considering the preparations for war, particularly those of Germany,...

5 lectures


Dr Rob Johnson

Oxford University


The Holocaust; Nazis and Other Europeans, 1939-45

In this course, Dr Mark Levene (University of Southampton) considers the Holocaust through a pan-European perspective. In particular, he argues that while Hitler and the Nazis were the primary driving force determining the fate of European Jewry,...

6 lectures


Dr Mark Levene

Southampton University


Russia: The Development of the Soviet Politics, 1917-22

In this course, Dr Lara Douds (Northumbria University) explores the development of the Soviet system of government in the years following the October Revolution. In the first module, we introduce the rich and contested scholarship on this topic,...

5 lectures


Dr Lara Douds

Northumbria University


The American Civil War, 1861-65

In this course, Professor Susan-Mary Grant (Newcastle University) explores the American Civil War (1861-65). In the first module, we think about the immediate background to the secession of South Carolina from the United States in December 1860,...

6 lectures


Prof. Susan-Mary Grant

Newcastle University


The Presidency of Richard Nixon, 1969-74

In this course, Dr Kevin Yuill (University of Sunderland) explores the presidency of Richard Nixon, 1969-74. In the first module, we think about the incident for which Nixon is best known and which dominated his final year in office – the...

5 lectures


Dr Kevin Yuill

Sunderland University


The Battle of Mohács, 1526

In this course, Dr Colin Imber (University of Manchester) explores the Battle of Mohács (1526), fought between the Ottoman forces led by Ibrahim Pasha and the Hungarian forces of Louis II. We begin by tracing the arduous journey of the...

5 lectures


Dr Colin Imber

Manchester University


China – Deng Xiaoping and the Opening of China, 1979-97

In this course, Professor Frank Ching (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) explores the development of Chinese society, politics and economics during the rule of Deng Xiaoping, sometimes referred to as the ‘Opening of China’. In the...

6 lectures


Prof. Frank Ching



China – The First Opium War, 1839-42

In this course, Dr Lars Laamann (SOAS) explores the First Opium War, 1839-42. The course begins by considering the history of trade between China and the West from the 1st century BC to the mid-17th century AD. After that, we...

8 lectures


Dr Lars Laamann

SOAS, University of London


US History – The Great Depression and New Deal, 1929-39

In this course, Professor David Kennedy (Stanford University) examines the Great Depression and New Deal in the United States. In the first module, we explore what America was like in 1929 before the Great Depression. After this, we examine the...

6 lectures


Prof. David Kennedy

Stanford University


US History – Early Steps in the Civil Rights Movement, 1940-60

In this course, Professor Charles M. Payne (Rutgers University) explores the early steps made in the Civil Rights Movement from 1940-60. In the first module, we explore how the Civil Rights Movement evolved in the years before the 1950s. After...

5 lectures


Prof. Charles Payne

Rutgers University


Cold War - Origins, 1945-50

In this course, Professor Andrew Preston (University of Cambridge) discusses the origins of the Cold War from 1945 until 1950. We start by looking at the Cold War as a whole and also explore how the Cold War has been viewed by historians over the...

6 lectures


Prof. Andrew Preston

Cambridge University


Britain – The Liberal Reforms, 1906-14

In this course, Professor Matthew Cole (University of Birmingham) thinks about the series of acts of social legislation passed by the Liberal government between 1906-14, known collectively as the Liberal reforms. In the first module, we think...

4 lectures


Dr Matthew Cole

Birmingham University


The Reformation in Europe, 1522-64

In this course, Professor Alec Ryrie (University of Durham) explores the Reformation in Europe from the rise of Zwingli in the 1520s to the death of Calvin in 1564. In the first module, we think about the expansion of Lutheranism...

6 lectures


Prof. Alec Ryrie

Durham University


Britain – The Consequences of the Industrial Revolution, 1700-1900

In this course, Emma Griffin (University of East Anglia) explores the Industrial Revolution in Britain and its social consequences. In the first module we look at what the Industrial Revolution was. We’ll then move on to examine technological...

6 lectures


Prof. Emma Griffin

University of East Anglia

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