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The Presidency of Bill Clinton, 1993-2001

In this course, Professor Mark White (Queen Mary, University of London) explores the life, political career and presidency of Bill Clinton through five key questions: (1) How did Clinton rise to power?; (2) Why did Clinton win the 1992...

5 lectures


Prof. Mark White



Germany – The Decline of the GDR, 1980-90

In this course, Professor Anna Saunders (University of Liverpool) explores the final decade of communist rule in East Germany, through six key questions: (1) To what extent did economic factors accelerate the demise of the GDR?; (2) To what extent...

6 lectures


Prof. Anna Saunders

Liverpool University


Germany – Sport and Physical Culture, 1919-33

In this course, Dr Jon Hughes (Royal Holloway) explores the role played by sport and physical culture in the Weimar Republic. In the fist module, we provide an introduction to sport and physical culture in Germany from the mid-19th century to the...

5 lectures


Dr Jon Hughes

Royal Holloway, London

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