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Religious Pluralism

1. Pluralism

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In this module, we examine John Hick’s religious pluralism, focusing in particular on (i) Hick’s experiential argument for pluralism (ii) pluralism, Christology, and soteriology (iii) the role of Kant’s distinction between the phenomenal and the noumenal in Hick’s account (iv) objections to Hick’s pluralism.


In this course Professor Gavin D’Costa (University of Bristol) explores religious pluralism in Christian thought. In the first module, we examine John Hick’s arguments for religious pluralism. After that, in the second module, we look at the inclusivism of Karl Rahner in contrast to Hick’s pluralism. In the third module, we explore another approach known as exclusivism in the theology of Karl Barth. Finally, in the fourth module we evaluate the effectiveness of the threefold category system, and introduce a fourth position known as post-liberalism.


Professor Gavin D'Costa is a lecturer in Catholic Theology at the University of Bristol. His research interests are in modern Roman Catholic theology, systematic theology, theology of religions, and religious pluralism. His recent publications include Theology and Philosophy. Faith and Reason (2011) and Vatican II. Celebrating its Achievements and the Future (2013).

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