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US History – Government Policies During the Civil War, 1861-65

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About this Course

About the Course

In this course, Professor Paul Escott (Wake Forest University) examines the American Civil War and addresses some of the popular myths that have developed about the war and whether they hold true to the historical record. In the first module, we examine the question of why the North went to war. After this, we explore the myths surrounding emancipation. We will then turn to examine Lincoln's involvement in the various proposals throughout the war for the colonisation of African Americans. After this, we look at Lincoln's views on reconstruction. And finally, we turn to examine the Confederate experience during the War.

About the Lecturer

Professor Paul Escott is Reynolds Professor (Emeritus) of History at Wake Forest University. He specialises in United States Civil War history and has published a number of books within this field, including Lincoln’s Dilemma: Blair, Sumner, and the Republican Struggle over Racism and Equality in the Civil War Era which aimed to challenge some of the myths that popular culture has built up about the Civil War Era.