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US History – America on the World Stage, 1800-48

4. Indian Removal

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In this module, we examine the policies of Andrew Jackson towards Native Americans. We will explore a number of aspects of this including: (i) why Jackson wanted to expand the US into the West; (ii) the process of Indian Removal, including the various supreme court cases that challenged removal; and (iii) the consequences of Indian Removal.


In this course, Professor Brian Rouleau (Texas A&M University) explains how and why American foreign policy developed and expanded over the period 1800-48. We start by looking at the Louisiana Purchase and how the US was able to purchase this vast area for itself. We will then turn to look at the War of 1812 in which America fought Britain with disastrous consequences. After this, we'll turn to examine the Monroe Doctrine of 1823 and its consequences for US foreign policy. In the penultimate module, we will explore US expansion into the West and Indian Removal. And finally, we will explore the further expansion of 1830s and the Texas Revolution.


Professor Brian Rouleau is Associate Professor of History and Director of Undergraduate Studies at Texas A&M University. He specialises in the nineteenth-century United States, American foreign relations, and the history of childhood. He has written a number of books around these themes including With Sails Whitening Every Sea: Mariners and the Making of an American Maritime Empire and Empire’s Nursery: Children’s Literature and the Origins of the American Century.

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