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Medicine Through Time – Surgery in the 19th Century, 1800-1900

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About this Course

About the Course

In this course, Dr Sally Frampton (University of Oxford) explores how surgery developed in the 19th-century. In the first three modules, we look at how surgeons in the 19th-century sought to tackle the three issues of pain, bleeding, and infection. In the fourth module, we focus in on the patient experience throughout the 19th century. In the final module, we look at surgeons themselves and how the process of becoming a surgeon changed over the course of the century.

About the Lecturer

Dr Sally Frampton is a research fellow at the University of Oxford. She has written widely on the history of surgery, including works on surgical risk and innovation. Her current research explores the global development of medical journalism as a specialist form of writing in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and how it has shaped the meaning of medicine.