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Mechanistic Chemistry

1. Radical Reactions

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In the first mini-lecture, Dr Danny Allwood discusses the radical chemistry we learn about in A-level Chemistry. We begin by first introducing what free radicals are, their extremely high reactivity and usefulness in organic reactions. We then learn the step-by-step process of free radical substitution, a process which for example can form haloalkanes from alkanes. But the reaction has its downsides, as we learn about in this lecture.


In this course, Dr Danny Allwood (Sheffield Hallam University) talks to us about the various mechanisms we encounter in organic chemistry at A-level. We begin by (i) introducing free radical substitution and its mechanism of reaction; then (ii) moving onto ionic mechanisms by first defining the terms “nucleophile” and “electrophile”; before (iii) moving onto some basic substitution and elimination reactions; and finally (iv) addition reactions.


Dr Danny Allwood joined Sheffield Hallam University from the University of Cambridge, where he undertook a PhD (2008-2012) and post-doctoral research (2012-2015) with Professor Steven V. Ley CBE FRS. Prior to this, he attained my undergraduate degree at the University of Warwick (2004-2008). His current research programme is focused on the development of practical synthetic and catalytic organic transformations.

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