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English Literature

Chopin: The Awakening

In this course, Professor Helen Taylor (University of Exeter) explores Kate Chopin's 1899 novel, The Awakening. After a brief introduction to the writing of the American South, the course begins proper with a discussion of Kate Chopin herself –...

11 lectures


Prof. Helen Taylor

Exeter University

Philosophy & Religious Studies

The Philosophy of John Locke

In this course, Dr Barnaby Walker (University of Warwick) explores the work of the seventeenth-century philosopher John Locke. We begin with a general overview of Locke’s Essay Concerning Human Understanding and its key themes, before ...

7 lectures


Dr Barney Walker

Warwick University


Oliver Cromwell: Lord Protector, 1653-58

In this course, Dr David Smith (University of Cambridge) explores the life of Oliver Cromwell during the period when he was Lord Protector, from 1653-1658. We begin by thinking about the creation of the Protectorate in 1653, focusing in particular...

5 lectures


Dr David Smith

Cambridge University

English Literature

The Poetry of William Wordsworth

In this course, Professor Keith Hanley (University of Lancaster) explores the poetry of the great Romantic poet, William Wordsworth. In the first module, we think about Romanticism, the Romantic movement, and some of the leading themes of that...

6 lectures


Prof. Keith Hanley

Lancaster University

English Literature

Conrad: Heart of Darkness

In this course, Professor Cedric Watts (University of Sussex) explores Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. The course begins by looking at Conrad's life – beginning with his upbringing in the small town of Berdychiv, and following his career as...

5 lectures


Prof. Cedric Watts

Sussex University

English Literature

The American Dream

In this course, Dr Niall Munro (Oxford Brookes University) explores the concept of the American dream throughout American literature. In the first module, we think about the origins and nature of the dream, focusing on James Truslow Adams’...

4 lectures


Dr Niall Munro

Oxford Brookes University

Philosophy & Religious Studies

Mind-Body Dualism

In this course, Dr Cressida Gaukroger (University College, London) explores the philosophical theory of mind-body dualism—the theory that mind and body are distinct kinds of substances. The course begins by considering how dualism differs from...

6 lectures


Dr Cressida Gaukroger



Psychological Approaches – Learning Theories

In this course, Mr Martyn Quigley (University of Nottingham) discusses some classic psychological theories of learning. In the first lecture, we think about the research of Ivan Pavlov and his theory of classical conditioning as a form of...

6 lectures


Mr Martyn Quigley

Nottingham University

English Literature

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

In this course, Dr Marion Turner (University of Oxford) explores the 14th-century poem, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. The course begins with an introduction to the Arthurian tradition, focusing in particular on the representations of Arthur and...

5 lectures


Prof. Marion Turner

Oxford University

English Literature

Shakespeare: Antony and Cleopatra

In this course, we explore several aspects of Antony and Cleopatra. We begin by thinking about why Shakespeare was interested in writing plays that were set in Ancient Rome, before looking at a number of aspects of the play and...

5 lectures


Prof. John Lennard

Independent Scholar

Classics & Ancient History

Seneca and Stoicism

In this course, Dr Liz Gloyn (Royal Holloway, University of London) thinks about Seneca's attitudes towards love and relationships in a course designed for the 'Love and Relationships' option for OCR A Level Classical Civilization (H408/32). in...

5 lectures


Dr Liz Gloyn

Royal Holloway, London

Government & Politics

Electoral Systems

In this course, Professor David Denver (University of Lancaster) examines the electoral systems in operation across the United Kingdom. We begin by thinking about the basic functions that an electoral system performs before briefly introducing ...

4 lectures


Prof. David Denver

Lancaster University

Government & Politics

Politics and the Media

In this course, Dr Richard Heffernan (Open University) thinks about the relationship of the modern media to British politics. We begin in the first module by thinking about the indispensability of the media in all its forms to the enactment of...

5 lectures


Dr Richard Heffernan

Open University

Philosophy & Religious Studies

Descartes: Meditations on First Philosophy

In this course, Professor Cottingham (University of Reading) explores René Descartes' Meditations on First Philosophy. In the first module, we provide a brief introduction to Descartes himself and his philosophical system, as described in his...

6 lectures


Prof. John Cottingham

Reading University

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