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Philosophy & Religious Studies

What is Knowledge?

In this course, Dr Arif Ahmed (University of Cambridge) explores the question ‘What is knowledge?’. In the first module, we introduce the idea of ‘analysing’ knowledge and arrive at the classical, tripartite definition of knowledge as justified...

5 lectures


Dr Arif Ahmed

University of Cambridge

Government & Politics

Brexit – Causes, Consequences and Meanings

In this course, Dr Tim Oliver (Loughborough University) explores Brexit in three broad areas – causes, consequences and meanings. In the first two modules, we provide a general introduction to the course as a whole as well as an outline of the ...

20 lectures


Dr Tim Oliver

Loughborough University London


Forensic Psychology – Criminality

In this course, Professor Francis Pakes (University of Portsmouth) explores key issues in criminal psychology. In the first lecture, we think about Lombroso and the notion of the ‘born criminal’. In the second lecture, we discuss genetic...

6 lectures


Prof. Francis Pakes

Portsmouth University


Britain – Politics, 1918-45

In this course, Dr Robert Crowcroft (University of Edinburgh) explores British politics between the years 1918-45. In the first module, we think about the reasons for the political domination of the Conservative Party in this period, focusing in...

6 lectures


Dr Robert Crowcroft

Edinburgh University

English Literature

Beckett: Waiting for Godot

In this course, Professor Anna McMullan (University of Reading) explores Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. We begin in the first module with an overview of Beckett’s life, career and literary output. After that, we think about the mixed...

6 lectures


Prof. Anna McMullan

Reading University

English Language

Topical Language Issues

In this course, Mr Dan Clayton (Independent Scholar) explores a variety of linguistic issues related to the use of the English language. In the first module, we think about why people take language so seriously, and why debates about its 'correct'...

6 lectures


Mr Dan Clayton

Independent Scholar

Philosophy & Religious Studies

Direct Realism

In this course, Dr Laura Gow explores the theory of perception known as direct realism. In the first module, we think about why perception is so important to us, before contrasting direct realism with another popular theory of perception: indirect...

7 lectures


Dr Laura Gow

Liverpool University


Classics & Ancient History


In this course, Professor Neville Morley (University of Bristol) explores Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War, focusing on the key episodes in the text and thinking in particular about some of the historiographical issues that modern...

7 lectures


Prof. Neville Morley

Exeter University

Classics & Ancient History

Homer: The Worlds of the Iliad and Odyssey

In a special set of two lectures, Dr Elton Barker (Open University) explores the worlds of the Homeric epics, suggesting in particular that both the Iliad and the Odyssey question the use of violence as a means of conflict-resolution. In...

2 lectures


Dr Elton Barker

Open University

English Language

Language Change

In this course, Professor Simon Horobin (University of Oxford) explores language change in the English language. In the first module, we think about why we should study language change at all. In the second module we provide an introduction to the...

6 lectures


Prof. Simon Horobin

University of Oxford


Russia: The Great Terror, 1936-38

In this course, Professor James Harris (University of Leeds) thinks about the Great Terror, Stalin’s campaign of political repression between 1936-38 that left more than 750,000 dead. In the first module, we think about the sources available for...

7 lectures


Prof. James Harris

Leeds University


The Tudors – Religion and the Church, 1509-1603

In this course, Dr Jonathan Willis (University of Birmingham) explores religion and the church in Tudor England through six key questions: (1) To what extent was criticism of the Late Medieval Catholic Church the main reason for the growth of...

6 lectures


Dr Jonathan Willis

Birmingham University

English Language

Language, Gender and Sexuality

In this course, Dr Lucy Jones (University of Nottingham) explores language use through the lens of gender and sexuality. In the first module, we outline some of the traditional approaches to the question of why men and women use language...

5 lectures


Dr Lucy Jones

Nottingham University


Germany – The Early Years of the Weimar Republic, 1918-23

In this course, Dr Nadine Rossol (University of Essex) explores the early years of the Weimar Republic (1918-23). In the first module, we trace events in the final years in the First World War up to the events in Kiel in late October/early...

8 lectures


Dr Nadine Rossol

Essex University

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