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Government & Politics

Political Philosophy – Ayn Rand

In this course, Dr Neil Cocks (University of Reading) explores the life, works, and core ideas of Ayn Rand. In the first module, we are introduced to the controversial figure of Ayn Rand and consider her influence on contemporary political life....

6 lectures


Dr Neil Cocks

Reading University


The Sociology of Religion

In this course, Professor Chris Shilling (University of Kent) provides an introduction to the sociology of religion. In the first module, we ask why sociologists continue to study religion despite the dominance for many decades of secularisation...

5 lectures


Prof. Chris Shilling

Kent University


Issues and Debates – The Replication Crisis

In this course, Dr Ayoub Bouguettaya (University of Birmingham) explores a key shortcoming in the field of psychological science – replication. The course starts by introducing the concept of replication and defining science in terms of three key...

6 lectures


Dr Ayoub Bouguettaya

Birmingham University


US History – Colonial Society and Culture, 1607-1754

In this course, Dr Jonathan Barth (Arizona State University) examines how and why the movement of a variety of people and ideas across the Atlantic contributed to the development of American culture in the period 1607-1754. In the first module, we...

5 lectures


Dr Jonathan Barth

Arizona State University


US History – The Articles of Confederation, 1777-87

In this course, Professor Woody Holton (University of South Carolina) examines the Articles of Confederation to explain how this precursor government developed and changed as a result of the Revolutionary Period. In the first module, we examine...

5 lectures


Prof. Woody Holton

University of South Carolina


US History – The Environment and Natural Resources, 1968-80

In this course, Professor Patrick Allitt (Emory University) explores how the issue of the Environment and Natural Resources were dealt with during the period 1968-1980. In the first module, we will examine how in the late 1960s environmentalism...

7 lectures


Prof. Patrick Allitt

Emory University


US History – Reform in the Gilded Age, 1870-1900

In this course, Professor Susan Curtis (Purdue University) explains how different reform movements responded to the rise of industrial capitalism in the Gilded Age. In the first three modules, we look at this through the lens of the economy -...

9 lectures


Prof. Susan Curtis

Purdue University


US History – The Regions of the British Colonies, 1607-1754

In this course, Professor Alan Taylor (University of Virginia) explores the regions of the British colonies in North America. This course will explain how and why environmental and other factors shaped the development and expansion of various...

8 lectures


Prof. Alan Taylor

University of Virginia


Research Methods – Building an Experiment

In this course, Dr Eoin O’Sullivan introduces a range of topics related to the research process in psychology. The first lecture tackles what is commonly the first step in building an experiment – establishing aims and hypotheses. The second...

5 lectures


Dr Eoin O'Sullivan

University of St Andrews


Issues and Debates – Psychology as a Science

In this course, Dr Helena Paterson (University of Glasgow) walks through the method and construction of psychological research, looking to understand psychology as a science. The first lecture focuses on hypotheses as an initial step in developing...

6 lectures


Dr Helena Paterson

Glasgow University


Educational Attainment and Inequality

In this course, Dr Matthew Cole (University of Birmingham) explores patterns of differential educational attainment along class, gender, and ethnic lines. In the first module, we consider three sets of factors shaping unequal attainment –...

4 lectures


Dr Matthew Cole

Birmingham University

Government & Politics

Political Philosophy – Thomas Hobbes

In this course, Professor Jeffrey Collins (Queen’s University) explores the political theory of Thomas Hobbes, primarily through his best-known work Leviathan. In the first module, we are introduced to Hobbes’s life and times, and briefly place...

6 lectures


Professor Jeffrey Collins

Queen's University, Canada

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