The French Revolution, 1789-99

In this course, Professor Dave Andress (University of Portsmouth) considers eight key questions related to the French Revolution of 1789-99: (1) Did Louis XVI ever try to make the Constitutional Monarchy work? (2) To what extent did the National...

8 lectures


Prof. David Andress

Portsmouth University


The 1848 Revolutions

In this course, Dr Michael Rapport (University of Glasgow) explores the series of revolutions that arose in Europe in 1848-49. We begin by considering the medium- to long-term origins of the 1848 Revolutions, thinking in particular about the...

6 lectures


Dr Michael Rapport

Glasgow University


The Holocaust; Nazis and Other Europeans, 1939-45

In this course, Dr Mark Levene (University of Southampton) considers the Holocaust through a pan-European perspective. In particular, he argues that while Hitler and the Nazis were the primary driving force determining the fate of European Jewry,...

6 lectures


Dr Mark Levene

Southampton University


The Catholic Reformation, c.1500-1650

In this course, Professor Simon Ditchfield (University of York) explores the Catholic Reformation. We begin by thinking about approaches to the period, focusing in particular on the various terms that historians have used to describe the reforms...

6 lectures


Prof. Simon Ditchfield

York University


The Westward Expansion of the United States, 1803-90

In this course, Dr Kevin Waite (University of Durham) explores the westward expansion of the United States in period 1803-90. After a broad introduction to the period in which we outline some of the factors that contributed to this westward...

7 lectures


Dr Kevin Waite

Durham University


Japan, 1853-1912

In this course Dr Andrew Cobbing (University of Nottingham) explores Japan in the 19th century. We begin by thinking about what Japan was like under the Tokugawa shogunate, focusing in particular on the main social, economic and cultural...

6 lectures


Dr Andrew Cobbing

Nottingham University


The Reign of Richard I, 1189-99

In this course, Dr Hugh Doherty (University of East Anglia) explores the reign of King Richard I (1189-99). We begin by considering Richard's reputation among modern historians, focusing in particular on the three main criticism levelled at the...

6 lectures


Dr Hugh Doherty

University of East Anglia


World War I: Causes and Origins, 1815-1914

In this course, Dr Sascha Auerbach (University of Nottingham) explores the causes and origins of the First World War. The course begins with a broad overview of Europe in the nineteenth century, as Europe moved from co-operation in the first...

6 lectures


Dr Sascha Auerbach

Nottingham University


Government & Politics

British History: Six Key Elections, 1906-51

In this course, Professor Adrian Smith (University of Southampton) thinks about British history in the first half of the twentieth century through six key elections—1906, 1923, 1931, 1945, 1950 and 1951. As we look at each election, we explore the...

6 lectures


Prof. Adrian Smith

Southampton University


The Tudors – Henry VIII and the English Reformation, 1509-47

In this course, Dr Tracey Sowerby (University of Oxford) explores the reign of Henry VIII, thinking in particular about the English Reformation. We begin by focusing on decision-making in the Henrician court, before looking at the reasons behind...

5 lectures


Dr Tracey Sowerby

Oxford University


The Reign of Henry VI, 1422-61

In this course, Dr James Ross (University of Winchester) explores the reign of Henry VI of England (1422-61). We begin by thinking about Henry's birth, his upbringing, and the legacy he inherited from his illustrious father, Henry V. After that,...

6 lectures


Dr James Ross

Winchester University


The US Civil Rights Movement, c. 1945-70

In this course, Dr Tom Davies (University of Sussex) focuses on the struggle for civil rights in the United States from the late 1940s to the 1960s. The course begins with an introduction to race relations in the United States,...

6 lectures


Dr Tom Davies

Sussex University

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