The history of the world from Charlemagne onwards.


Napoleon, 1795-1815

In this course, Professor Michael Broers (University of Oxford) thinks about one of the most influential figures in European history: Napoleon Bonaparte. In the first module, we explore Napoleon's rise to power between 1795-99, before moving on in...

4 lectures


Prof. Michael Broers

Oxford University


Germany – The Unification of Germany, 1815-71

In this course, Dr Anna Ross (University of Oxford) explores the unification of Germany, starting with the proclamation of the German Empire on the 18th January 1871, and moving back in time to consider how the Germans had reached this...

5 lectures


Dr Anna Ross

Oxford University


Slavery and the US Civil War, 1775-1865

In this course, Professor Tim Lockley (University of Warwick) looks at the institution of slavery in the United States, thinking in particular about the period between the Revolutionary War (1775-83) and the American Civil War (1861-65). In...

5 lectures


Prof. Tim Lockley

Warwick University


The Unification of Italy, 1796-1871

In this course, Dr Marcella Sutcliffe (University of Cambridge) explores Italy's unification movement, starting with Napoleon’s invasion of Italy in the late 1790s, and ending with the unification of Italy in 1861. As we move through the course,...

7 lectures


Dr Marcella Sutcliffe

Cambridge University


British India, 1601-1947

This course provides a comprehensive history of British India. After an introduction to the geography, climate, and people of the Indian subcontinent, we explore how a private company, the East India Company, came to administer a whole country. A...

7 lectures


Dr Christopher Harding

Edinburgh University


The French Revolution, 1789-99

In this course, we explore one of the most important events in world history, the French Revolution. We begin by looking at politics and society in 18th-century France, exploring the Absolutism of the French monarchy and the Ancien Regime. After...

6 lectures


Dr Tom Stammers

Durham University