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English Literature

Milton: Paradise Lost: Books 9-10

In this course, Professor Karen Edwards (University of Exeter) explores of Books 9 and 10 of John Milton’s Paradise Lost through five key questions: (1) What do we learn from Satan’s soliloquy and his return to hell? (2) What is...

5 lectures


Prof. Karen Edwards

Exeter University

English Literature

Milton: Paradise Lost: Religious and Literary Background

In this course, Dr Edmund White (University of Oxford) explores the religious and literary background of Paradise Lost. This course provides an introduction to the religious culture of seventeenth-century England, and shows how this culture...

24 lectures


Dr Edmund White

Oxford University

English Literature

Dickens: A Christmas Carol

In this course, Dr Christopher Pittard (University of Portsmouth) explores Charles Dickens’ 1843 novella, ‘A Christmas Carol’. In the first module, we think about the background to ‘A Christmas Carol’, the circumstances that led Dickens to write...

9 lectures


Dr Christopher Pittard

Portsmouth University

English Literature

Bronte: Wuthering Heights

In this course we look at several aspects of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. In the first six sections, we focus on Romanticism and what it means to call Heathcliff a Romantic hero. In second six sections, we focus on individual...

13 lectures


Dr Alfie Bown

Royal Holloway, London

English Literature

Woolf: Mrs Dalloway

In this course, Dr Madeleine Davies (University of Reading) explores Virginia Woolf’s 1925 novel, Mrs Dalloway. In the first three modules, we outline some of the key contexts for the novel, including: (i) the life and career of Virginia Woolf;...

10 lectures


Dr Madeleine Davies

Reading University

English Literature

The Poetry of T. S. Eliot

In this course, Professor Seamus Perry (University of Oxford) explores the poetry of T. S. Eliot through five key poems. In the first three modules, we explore 'The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock', thinking in particular about its status...

12 lectures


Prof. Seamus Perry

Oxford University

English Literature

Webster: The Duchess of Malfi

In this course, Professor Helen Smith (University of York) explores John Webster's 'The Duchess of Malfi'. In the first module, we think about stereotypes about women in early modern England and their presentation on stage. After that, we...

5 lectures


Prof. Helen Smith

York University

English Literature

The Poetry of John Keats: The Odes

In this course, Dr Corinna Russell (University of Cambridge) explores the Odes of John Keats. After an introduction to Keats and his poetry, including a discussion of the ‘Cockney School of Poetry’, we then cover six of Keats’ poems: Ode...

7 lectures


Dr Corinna Russell

Cambridge University

English Literature

Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice

In this course, Dr Sophie Duncan (University of Oxford) explores Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. We begin in the first module by thinking about Venice as a key setting for the play and its significance at the time Shakespeare was writing....

5 lectures


Dr Sophie Duncan

Oxford University

English Literature

Shakespeare – Othello and Race

In this course, Professor Ania Loomba (University of Pennsylvania) explores the question of race in Shakespeare's 'Othello'. In the first module, we think about what race meant to Shakespeare and his contemporaries, exploring the long history of...

5 lectures


Prof. Ania Loomba

University of Pennsylvania

English Literature

Orwell: Animal Farm

In this course, Dr Nathan Waddell (University of Birmingham) explores George Orwell's Animal Farm. In the first module, we think about Animal Farm in the context of Orwell's life and career, before turning in the second and third modules to...

7 lectures


Dr Nathan Waddell

Birmingham University

English Literature

Unseen Poetry

In this sixteen-part course, Professor John McRae (University of Nottingham) provides a step-by-step guide for approaching unseen poetry. The first three modules introduce key concepts (e.g. the ‘movement’ the poem, ‘binaries’, etc.) as well as...

17 lectures


Prof. John McRae

Nottingham University

English Literature

The Poetry of John Donne

In this course, we explore the poetry of John Donne, thinking in particular about poetic language and style, the issues that preoccupied him throughout his life and career, and the extent to which we can understand John Donne the man...

5 lectures


Dr Anna Beer

Oxford University

English Literature

Orwell: Nineteen Eighty-Four

In this course, Dr Adam Stock (York St John University) explores George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. The first four modules cover historical and literary context, including the genre of the novel, the life and career of George Orwell himself,...

11 lectures


Dr Adam Stock

York St John University

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