English Literature

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English Literature

The American Dream

In this course, Dr Niall Munro (Oxford Brookes University) explores the concept of the American dream throughout American literature. In the first module, we think about the origins and nature of the dream, focusing on James Truslow Adams’...

4 lectures


Dr Niall Munro

Oxford Brookes University

English Literature

Salinger: The Catcher in the Rye

In this course, Dr Sarah Graham (University of Leicester) explores J. D. Salinger's 1951 novel, The Catcher in the Rye. We begin with a broad introduction to Salinger's career as a writer as well as to what life was like...

6 lectures


Dr Sarah Graham

Leicester University

English Literature

Twain: Huckleberry Finn

In this course, Professor Thomas Ruys Smith (University of East Anglia) explores Mark Twain's 1884/5 novel, Huckleberry Finn. In the first module, we think about the origins of Huckleberry Finn in Mark Twain's life and career up to 1884/5. In the...

5 lectures


Prof. Thomas Ruys Smith

University of East Anglia

English Literature

Hemingway: A Farewell to Arms

In this course, Professor Peter Messent explores Ernest Hemingway's 1929 novel, A Farewell to Arms. We begin in the first module by thinking about the way Hemingway reacts in his language to the sensationalism and empty sloganeering of Allied...

5 lectures


Prof. Peter Messent

Nottingham University

English Literature

The Poetry of Emily Dickinson

In this course, Dr Páraic Finnerty (University of Portsmouth) explores the poetry Emily Dickinson. In the first module, we think about the figure of the poet herself, exploring some of the reasons why Dickinson refused to play the role of...

6 lectures


Dr Páraic Finnerty

Portsmouth University

English Literature

Hawthorne: The Scarlet Letter

In this course, Dr Nicholas Lawrence (University of Warwick) explores Nathaniel Hawthorne's classic novel, The Scarlett Letter (1850). In the first module, we think about the tension in the novel between the traditional and the modern, focusing...

6 lectures


Dr Nick Lawrence

Warwick University

English Literature

Melville: Moby-Dick

In this course, Dr Kate McGettigan (Royal Holloway) explores Herman Melville's 1851 masterpiece, Moby-Dick. We begin by providing a broad introduction to Melville's life and career, including his experiences in the South Pacific and his brief but...

6 lectures


Dr Katie McGettigan

Royal Holloway, London

English Literature

Mitchell: Gone with the Wind

In this course, Professor Helen Taylor (University of Exeter) explores Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind. We start by thinking about tremendous impact of the novel, as well as the celebrated and critically acclaimed film adaptation starting...

7 lectures


Prof. Helen Taylor

Exeter University

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