Government and Politics of the USA
This Playlist brings together multiple courses on the US Supreme Court, US presidency, US politics. Perfect for those studying the 'Government and Politics of the USA' option at A Level.
What this playlist includes:
31 lectures across 6 courses.
All resources designed and delivered by university academics and researchers.
Self-marking quizzes for all lectures, as well as an end-of-topic quiz.
Reading lists, essay questions and extension activities.
Courses and Lectures
1. The Presidency of the United States
Dr Jon Herbert
Keele University
2. The Presidency of Barack Obama, 2009-2017
Dr Clodagh Harrington
De Montfort University
3. Affirmative Action
Dr Matthew Williams
University of Oxford
3.1. Introduction – 11:18
3.3. Political Philosophy – 08:14
3.4. Jurisdiction – 07:54
3.5. Redundancy – 10:24
3.6. Vagueness – 07:31
4. The Supreme Court of the United States – Key Issues and Landmark Cases
Dr Emma Long
University of East Anglia
5. The Supreme Court of the United States
Dr Emma Long
University of East Anglia
6. The Separation of Powers
Dr Andrew Wroe
Kent University
6.2. Historical Context – 09:23
6.3. Separation of Powers – 06:54
6.4. Checks and Balances – 07:59
6.5. In Practice – 13:05
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