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Psychological Approaches – Learning Theories

In this course, Mr Martyn Quigley (University of Nottingham) discusses some classic psychological theories of learning. In the first lecture, we think about the research of Ivan Pavlov and his theory of classical conditioning as a form of...

6 lectures


Mr Martyn Quigley

Nottingham University

English Literature

Literary Value and the Canon

In this course, Dr Ross Wilson (University of Cambridge) explores the concept of aesthetic and literary judgment, and its role in the formation of the canon. We begin with an overview of the aesthetic judgment, considering Immanuel Kant’s theses...

6 lectures


Dr Ross Wilson

University of Cambridge


Cognition and Development – Behaviourist Learning Theories

In this course, Dr Cathal O’Siochru (Liverpool Hope University) explores behaviourist learning theories in the context of growth and development. In the first lecture, we think about what learning and development is and how it relates to...

5 lectures


Dr Cathal O'Siochru

Liverpool Hope University

Classics & Ancient History

Greek Art

In this course, we explore the art and architecture of the Greek world, looking in particular at free-standing sculpture (both Archaic and Classical), architectural sculpture, vase painting, and temple architecture. Within each of these...

6 lectures


Prof. Amy Smith

Reading University


Wave-Particle Duality

In this course, Professor Carla Faria (University College London) explores wave-particle duality. In the first mini-lecture, we discuss classical properties of particles and waves through the lens of the double-slit experiment. In the second...

3 lectures


Prof. Carla Faria


English Literature

Marlowe: Doctor Faustus

In this course, Professor Lisa Hopkins (University of Sheffield Hallam) discusses Marlowe's Doctor Faustus. In the first module, we consider 'the form of Faustus' fortunes', focusing in particular on the importance on books in the play – not least...

6 lectures


Prof. Lisa Hopkins

Sheffield Hallam University

Classics & Ancient History

Slavery in the Ancient Greek World

In this course, Dr David Lewis (University of Edinburgh) explores slavery in ancient Greece. We begin by looking at the earliest evidence for slavery in the Greek world, focusing in particular on the descriptions of slavery in the Linear B ...

6 lectures


Dr David Lewis

Edinburgh University

English Literature

Chaucer: The Merchant's Tale

In this course, Professor Marion Turner (University of Oxford) explores Geoffrey Chaucer's Merchant's Tale. We begin by thinking about some of the Biblical allusions in the Tale, focusing in particular on the Garden the Eden and the Song of Songs....

5 lectures


Prof. Marion Turner

University of Oxford


Social Influence – Prejudice

In this course, Dr Juliet Wakefield (Nottingham Trent University) discusses prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination. In the first lecture, we look at a definition of these three concepts. In the second lecture, we explore some social...

6 lectures


Dr Juliet Wakefield

Nottingham Trent University

English Literature

Shakespeare: Julius Caesar

In this course, Professor John Roe (University of York) explores Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. We begin by thinking about the sources for the play, focusing in particular on the works of Plutarch, before moving on in the second module to give a...

8 lectures


Prof. John Roe

York University


Women, Gender and Religion

In this course, Professor Linda Woodhead (Lancaster University) explores religion through the lens of feminism/gender studies. In the first lecture, we explore some classic feminist critiques of Christianity, including the work of Elizabeth Cady...

7 lectures


Prof. Linda Woodhead

Lancaster University


Gender and the Domestic Division of Labour

In this course, Dr Vicki Harman (University of Surrey) explores gender and the domestic division of labour. In the first lecture, we think about classical sociology, particularly functionalism, in which domestic labour was both undervalued and...

5 lectures


Dr Vicki Harman

Surrey University


Marxist and Critical Approaches to Education

In this course, Dr Eric Lybeck (University of Manchester) explores Marxist and critical approaches to education. In the first lecture, we consider some classical theories of education and its role in society, such as those of Karl Marx, Max Weber...

5 lectures


Dr Eric Lybeck

Manchester University


Cognition and Development – Beyond Piaget

In this course, Dr Richard O’Connor (University of Hull) explores different ideas within the field of cognitive development that go beyond the work of Jean Piaget. In the first lecture, we introduce the violation-of-expectation looking time method...

6 lectures


Dr Richard O'Connor

Hull University

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