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Sports Psychology – Personality in Sport

In this course, Dr Anthony Miller (Staffordshire University) explores the role that personality plays in sport and exercise. In the first lecture, we think about different ways to measure aspects of personality, understood as an enduring trait. In...

5 lectures


Dr Anthony Miller

Staffordshire University


Macro – Globalisation

In this course, Dr. Paul Segal (King’s College London) look at the topic of Globalisation. In the first module, we introduce the key ideas of globalisation and trace its long-run history. After this, we discuss our current trading system and how...

6 lectures


Dr Paul Segal

King's College London


Cross Modal Correspondence: Synaesthetic Marketing

In this course, Professor Charles Spence (University of Oxford) explores the concept of cross modal correspondence and how the senses can interrelate. In the first lecture, we think about sound symbolism in object and brand representation. In the...

5 lectures


Professor Charles Spence

University of Oxford

Classics & Ancient History

Vespasian and the Flavian Dynasty

In this course Dr Matthew Nicholls (University of Oxford) explores the reign of Vespasian and his sons, Titus and Domitian. After a brief introductory lecture, we begin by thinking about the use of image-making and propaganda by Galba, Otho,...

7 lectures


Prof. Matthew Nicholls

University of Oxford



This course, by Professor Daniel McCarthy (University of Surrey) explores policing. In the first lecture, we think about a history of policing, up until the 1829 Metropolitan Police Act. In the second lecture, we think about how policing has...

4 lectures


Professor Daniel McCarthy

Surrey University

Government & Politics


In this course, Dr William Ackah (Birkbeck, University of London) explores Pan-Africanism across four key themes. In the first module, we consider how we might define Pan-Africanism, outlining its different manifestations, historical development,...

6 lectures


Dr William Ackah

Birkbeck College, London


Macro – Exchange Rates and the Balance of Payments

In this course, Dr. Bruce Morley (University of Bath) explores the topic of Exchange Rates and Balance of Payments. In the first module, we look at the three separate accounts of the Balance of Payments - the Capital, Current and Financial...

6 lectures


Dr Bruce Morley

Bath University

Philosophy & Religious Studies

Messianic Prophecies

In this course, Dr James Carleton Paget (University of Cambridge) explores Messianic Prophecies in the context of the New Testament. In the first module, we introduce the function of scriptural proofs, and important citations in the Gospels of...

5 lectures


Dr James Carleton Paget

University of Cambridge


Micro – Behavioural Economics

In this course, Professor Johannes Abeler (University of Oxford) explores the subject of Behavioural Economics. In the first module, we look at what behavioural economics is. Then, we explore reciprocity in more detail. In the next two modules we...

6 lectures


Professor Johannes Abeler

University of Oxford


Medicine Through Time - The Black Death, 1346-52

In this course, Professor Simon Doubleday (Hofstra University) looks at the Black Death in Europe, 1346-52. In the first module, we consider how doctors dealt with the Black Death whilst also looking at how doctors were perceived during the early...

6 lectures


Prof. Simon Doubleday

Hofstra University


Global Governance

In this course, Dr Sagar Deva (University of York) explores global governance. In the first module, we ask what global governance is and why we need it, considering three key areas in which it operates – the global economy, international security,...

5 lectures


Dr Sagar Deva

York University


Probability I – Edexcel GCSE (1MA1): Foundation Tier

In this course, Dr Sunil Chhita (Durham University) explores probability, covering topics P1-P5 in the Pearson Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Mathematics (1MA1) Specification for Foundation Tier. In the first mini-lecture, we give an introduction to...

6 lectures


Dr Sunil Chhita

Durham University


Integration I

In this course, Professor Ivan Contreras (Amherst College) gives an introduction to integration. In the first mini-lecture, we learn about the indefinite integral and the definite integral, and think about how they can be used to calculate...

5 lectures


Prof. Ivan Contreras

Amherst College


Medicine Through Time - The English Medical Renaissance, 1400-1800

In this course, Professor Harold Cook (Brown University) looks at the Medical Renaissance in England, spanning from 1400-1800. In the first module, we consider what the English Medical Renaissance was, looking at the changes that occurred in...

6 lectures


Prof Harold Cook

Brown University

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