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Wide Sargasso Sea and Jane Eyre

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About this Course

About the Course

In this course, we explore Jean Rhys' 'Wide Sargasso Sea' alongside 'Jane Eyre'. Written as a prequel to 'Jane Eyre', 'Wide Sargasso Sea' shares many of the same themes (not to mention characters) as Bronte's novel. In this course, we look at the structure of both novels, before comparing and contrasting the major and minor characters. We then move on to explore key themes, including 'Neglect', 'Violence', 'Magic and the Supernatural', and 'Romantic Love'. The course also includes a useful overview of the ethnic backgrounds of all the characters in 'Wide Sargasso Sea' (including a definition of 'Creole')

About the Lecturer

Janelle is a doctoral student at Newcastle University, writing on fictional representations of Obeah (a syncretic spiritual, religious and medicinal system developed in the Caribbean by enslaved Africans) in the Anglophone Caribbean.

Her research interests include theories of the novel, identity politics, nationalism in literature and literary activism, African spirituality, race and representation, travel writing, inherited trauma, creolisation, hybridity and globalisation.