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US History – Immigration and Migration in the 1920s

3. The Response to Migration

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In this module, we'll examine the response to the Great Migration. The migration of African Americans to the North created tensions within America. Many northern and western towns instituted policies that banned Africans Americans from their town after dark. As well as this the revival of the Ku Klux Klan and the installation of segregation in the North was a common response to African American migration.


In this course, Professor Susan Curtis (Purdue University) explains the causes and effects of international and internal migration patterns during the 1920s and what effects this had on popular culture in the United States. We start by examining the two movements of peoples into and within the United States, these were: (i) New Immigration; and (ii) the Great Migration. We then turn in the next two modules to examine the response to both New Immigration and the Great Migration. In the next two modules we explore the impact these new groups had on culture within the United States. Finally, we offer some concluding remarks on the period and topic as a whole.


Susan Curtis in Emeritus Professor of History and American Studies at Purdue University. She specialises in the History of American culture, religion, and race relations; and is the author of four books - A Consuming Faith:  The Social Gospel and Modern American Culture (1991): Dancing to a Black Man's Tune:  A Life of Scott Joplin (1994); The First Black Actors on the Great White Way (1998); and Colored Memories:  A Biographer's Quest for the Elusive Lester A. Walton (2008).

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