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The Reign of Charles I, 1625-49

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About this Course

About the Course

In this course, Dr David Smith (University of Cambridge) explores the reign of Charles I of England. The course begins by thinking about Charles’ reputation among modern historians, before considering his reign in four parts: his early life and reign up to 1629; his Personal Rule between 1629-40; the years immediately before the Civil War; and the final seven years of his reign, ending with his execution on 30 January 1649 and the abolition of the monarchy.

About the Lecturer

David Smith is a Fellow, Lecturer and Director of Studies at Selwyn College, Cambridge. His research interests include British political, constitutional and legal history in the early modern period, especially in the seventeenth century, including the history of Parliament, the nature of monarchy and Royalism, and the career of Oliver Cromwell. He has written and co-edited a range of books on seventeenth century British history, including Royalists and Royalism during the Interregnum Manchester (Manchester University Press, 2010) and The Experience of Revolution in Stuart Britain and Ireland (Cambridge University Press, 2011)