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The Poetry of Sylvia Plath

4. Politics

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In this module, we think about how Plath’s poetry engages with contemporary politics, looking in particular at ‘Lady Lazarus’ in relation to the Holocaust.


In this course, we explore the poetry of Sylvia Plath: first, we think about what it means to describe Plath as a writer of Confessional Poetry; after that we look at the themes of motherhood and love in Plath’s poetry; in the third module, we think in more detail about ‘Ariel’ (1965) before focusing in the last module on Plath’s engagement with contemporary politics.


Diane Purkiss is a Professor at Keble College, Oxford. She has published two books on the English Civil War - 'The English Civil War: A People's History' (2006) and 'Literature, Gender, and Politics during the English Civil War' (2005).

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