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Shakespeare: Troilus and Cressida

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About this Course

In this course, Professor Cedric Watts (University of Sussex) explores Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida. We begin by thinking about the strangeness of the play: is it a history, a comedy, or a tragedy? was it performed in Shakespeare's lifetime? if so, where? After that, we move on to think specifically about its status as a 'problem play' – a slippery term in Shakespearean scholarship if ever there was one – before thinking about the staging of the play and its burgeoning appeal and success in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. In the final two modules, we explore some of the key themes in the play: first, the connected themes of war and appetite, both alimentary and sexual; second, true and false valuation.

About the Lecturer

Cedric Watts is an Emeritus Professor of English at Sussex University. He served in the Royal Navy before gaining a first class BA in English at Cambridge University. He has written six books on Conrad and his works: A Preface to Conrad, The Deceptive Text, Joseph Conrad, 'Heart of Darkness': A Critical and Contextual Discussion, Joseph Conrad: A Literary Life, and Joseph Conrad: 'Nostromo'(a Penguin critical study).

Cedric Watts's novel, Final Exam (written under the pseudonym 'Peter Green'), earned this tribute from Ian McEwan: 'I was fascinated and pleased by Final Exam - a stimulating blend of high-energy intellectual and sexual tease.'