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Shakespeare: The Complete Works

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About this Course

About the Course

In this thirty-nine part course, Professor John McRae takes us through the complete works of Shakespeare, beginning with Henry VI, and ending with Two Noble Kinsmen. We begin with an introduction to Shakespeare himself, thinking about him as both a man and a construct. After this, we go through each of Shakespeare's works, one-by-one. Along the way, we consider the evolution of Shakespeare’s style and thematic focuses.

About the Lecturer

John McRae is Special Professor of Language in Literature Studies and Teaching Associate in the School of English at Nottingham University, and holds Visiting Professorships in China, Malaysia, Spain and the USA. He is co-author of The Routledge History of Literature in English with Ron Carter, and also wrote The Language of Poetry, Literature with a Small 'l' and the first critical edition of Teleny by Oscar Wilde and others.