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Sexual Ethics

7. The Limits of Consent

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In this module, we examine the limits of consent, focusing on (i) whether consent is sufficient for morally permissible sex (ii) cases which raise questions concerning the logical and moral validity of consent as a necessary and sufficient condition for action (iii) the ethical and legal concerns around consenting to harm.


In this course Dr Iain Law (University of Birmingham) takes a look at sexual ethics. In the first module, we introduce the content of traditionalist sexual ethics, before moving on to arguments in favour of, and objections to traditionalism. In the following lectures, we examine utilitarianism and situation ethics, as well as Kant and Kantian ethics. In the sixth module, we look at some of the issues arising from a liberal approach to sexual ethics, and then in the seventh module we discuss the limits of consent. Finally, we look at sexual ethics and the law, and the relationship between laws concerning sexual conduct and the sphere of morality.


Iain Law is a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Birmingham. His main interests are in meta-ethics, applied ethics and ethical theory, and he is currently working on papers in moral theory, moral psychology, the philosophy of medicine and applied ethics.

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