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Religion and Science

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About this Course

About the Course

In this course Dr Sarah Lane Ritchie (University of Edinburgh) explores the relationship between science and religion, and looks at some specific areas of debate in these fields. In the first module, we examine different views on the relationship between science and religion using Ian Barbour’s typology. In the second module, we look at the role of explanation in science and religion, and the notion of ‘God of the gaps’. In the third module, we move on to review debates concerning creation and evolutionary biology, before turning our attention to cosmology in the fourth module. In the fifth module, we examine religious attitudes to reproductive technologies, gene editing, and transhumanism. In the sixth and final module, we look at how we should approach science and religion as sources of knowledge and authority with special attention to the situated knower and the myth of objectivity.

About the Lecturer

Dr Sarah Lane Ritchie is a lecturer in Theology and Science at the University of Edinburgh. Her research interests are in theistic naturalisms, epistemology and psychology of religious intuition, the neuropsychology of religious experience, and the cognitive science of belief formation. Her recent publications include Wait, but why? Challenging the intuitive force of substance dualism (2021) and Integrated physicality and the absence of God: Spiritual technologies in theological context (2021)

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