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Relationships – The Relationship Trajectory

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About this Course

About the Course

This course, by Dr Veronica Lamarche (University of Essex) explores relationships, focusing on partner selection, attraction, romantic theories, and Duck’s relationship breakdown model. In the first module, we think about partner selection and its evolutionary basis. In the second module, we think about models of attraction, as well as types of competition and criticisms of these models. In the third module, we think about filter theory, which explains how the breadth of potential partners is narrowed. Next, we think about romance theories and how they serve to explain why relationships are maintained even after an individual’s reproductive fitness fades. In the fifth and final module, we think about the four phases of Duck’s relationship breakdown module: intrapsychic, dyadic, social, and grave dressing.

About the Lecturer

Dr Veronica Lamarche is a senior lecturer in the Department of Psychology at the University of Essex. Dr Lamarche’s research interests are focused on understanding how people regulate trust and dependence in their romantic relationships. Some of Dr Lamarche’s recent publications include It Happened to a Friend of Mine: The Influence of Perspective-Taking on the Acknowledgement of Sexual Assault Following Ambiguous Sexual Encounters (2022) and Who will I be when I retire? The role of organizational commitment, group memberships and retirement transition framing on older worker’s anticipated identity change in retirement (2022).

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