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Psychopathology – Issues and Debates in the Mental Health Discipline

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About this Course

About the Course

In this course, Dr Cody Porter (University of the West of England) explores the relationship between culture and mental health. In the first lecture, we think about individual differences in mental health disorders and diagnoses, including some criticisms of the use of social norms as an assessment of mental illness. In the second lecture, we think about cultural impacts on mental health diagnoses, including how this can affect an individual seeking help with a mental health disorder. In the third lecture, we think about cultural biases in mental health diagnoses, looking into some cross-cultural differences in schizophrenia diagnoses. Next, we think about culture-bound syndromes, including the increased awareness of this in the DSM-5. In the fifth lecture, we think about biases in IQ testing, starting with Yerkes’ testing during the first world war. In the sixth lecture, we think about the factors which can employ mental health diagnoses and treatments as a form of social control. In the seventh and final lecture, we think about some key issues and debates in the mental health discipline, including overdiagnosis and overmedication.

About the Lecturer

Dr Cody Porter is a senior lecturer in social psychology in the department of Health and Social Sciences at the University of the West of England. Dr Porter’s research interests are in information elicitation, lie detection and offending behaviour. Some of Dr Porter’s recent publications include ‘Implementing converged security risk management: Drivers, barriers, and facilitators’ (in press) and ‘Applying the asymmetric information management technique to insurance claims’ (2022).