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Introduction to Mechanics

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About this Course

About the Course

In this course, Professor David Berman (Queen Mary University of London) gives an introduction to mechanics at a GCSE level. In the first mini-lecture, we define distance, speed, and acceleration before looking at how they are related mathematically and graphically in distance versus time graphs and speed versus time graphs. In the second mini-lecture, we discuss Newton’s Three Laws of Motion. In the third mini-lecture, we explore gravity, weight, and the acceleration due to gravity (g). The fourth mini-lecture introduces momentum and the relationship between momentum and force. In the fifth mini-lecture, we go over an example that illustrates Newton’s Third Law.

About the Lecturer

David Berman is a Professor of Theoretical Physics at Queen Mary. His research interests include string theory and ideas in fundamental theoretical physics, including non-commutative geometry, black holes physics, and quantum gravity. He has contributed to the Radio 4 biography series Great Lives and the In Our Time podcasts, including Great Lives: Richard Feynman (2018), Great Lives: Galileo (2019), In Our Time: Emmy Noether (2019), and In Our Time: Paul Dirac (2020).