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Green Criminology

  • About this Course

About this Course


In this course, Dr Angus Nurse (Nottingham Trent University) explores green criminology and crimes against wildlife and the environment. In the first module, we introduce some key definitions, concepts and areas of interest within green criminology. In the second, we focus on wildlife crime, illegal animal trafficking, and how the use of animals is legally regulated. In the third module, we consider climate change and pollution as areas of criminological interest, before turning in the fourth module to environmental crimes and harms committed by corporations. In the final section, we look at how green crime is policed and whether regular police forces and justice systems are equipped to handle wildlife and environmental crimes.


Dr Angus Nurse is Head of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Nottingham Trent University. His research focuses on crimes against wildlife and the environment, corporate crime and criminal justice. His recent publications include Wildlife Criminology (2020) (co-authored with Tanya Wyatt), The Citizen and the State: Criminal Justice and Civil Liberties in Conflict (2020) and An Introduction to Green Criminology and Environmental Justice (2016).