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Environmental Psychology – Territorial Behaviours

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About this Course

About the Course

This course, by Dr Jérémy Lemoine (University of East London) explores concepts of territorial behaviours and personalisation in the workplace. In the first module, we think about what personalisation and territorial behaviours are, as well as where and when they are used. In the second module, we think about why people engage in territorial behaviours and personalisation. In the third module, we think about some positive and negative consequences of employees engaging in these behaviours. Next, we think about some differences between men and women in how these behaviours are performed. In the fifth and final module, we think about how an understanding of these behaviours can be used to improve employee wellbeing, job satisfaction, and work performance.

About the Lecturer

Dr Jérémy Lemoine is a lecturer in the Department of Professional Psychology at the University of East London. Dr Lemoine’s research interests centre around leadership, social identity and risk-taking. Some of Dr Lemoine’s recent publications include Innovation across cultures: Connecting leadership, identification, and creative behavior in organizations (2022) and Pleasure, meaning or spirituality: Cross-cultural differences in orientations to happiness across 12 countries (2021).

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