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DNA Damage and Repair

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About this Course

About the Course

In this course, Professor Karl Haushalter (Harvey Mudd College) introduces the ways in which our genetic code can be damaged and consequently mutate, as well as the mechanisms that protect this code from that very same damage. We begin by: (i) introducing the structure and function of DNA, some of the different types of mutations, and the tools at our disposal to characterise it; before (ii) understanding how DNA can be damaged by alkylation; and then (iii) looking at one pathway where DNA can be damaged by oxidation; followed by (iv) DNA damage by deamination; and finally (v) looking at how our knowledge of DNA damage and associated repair mechanisms have helped us to treat specific forms of cancer.

About the Lecturer

Professor Karl Haushalter is Professor of Chemistry and Biology and Department Chair of Chemistry at Harvey Mudd College. He studies the details of DNA repair, providing an entry point into understanding the molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis, aging, and evolution. In addition to these scientific pursuits, Prof. Haushalter is active in community efforts to combat the stigma associated with HIV-AIDS and support those living with HIV-AIDS through education and empowerment.

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