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Crime and Punishment, 1700-1900

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About this Course

About the Course

In this course, Dr David Churchill (Leeds University) explores crime and punishment in Britain from 1700-1900. In the first module, we look at how the social structure of Britain impacted the country’s crime and criminal law, focusing on the different kinds of crimes that were committed by individuals from different social classes. In the second module, we turn to look at social change and the impact that it had upon crime, focusing on developments such as industrialisation, urbanisation and migration. In the third module, we take a deeper look at the criminal justice system in Victorian Britain. Then, in the fourth and fifth modules, we look at police reform and penal reform in Britain, giving particular attention to prison reform in the 19th century.

About the Lecturer

Dr David Churchill is an Associate Professor in Criminal Justice at the University of Leeds. His research focuses on historical criminology, criminal justice history, and policing and crime control. His recent publications include Historical Crimonology. Key Ideas in Crimonology (2022) and Crime Control and Everyday Life in the Victorian City: The Police and the Public (2017).